Tunneling & Construction in Wet Ground
GEOFROST is a contractor delivering all services related to ground freezing and provides its clients with complete engineering solutions. The core services are feasibility studies, design, construction and management and the contractual interface is adaptable to the client’s needs. GEOFROST takes the full responsibility for its temporary structures.


GEOFROST takes the complete responsibility for its solutions and carries out all activities within engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance of the frozen structure.

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Feasibility studies

GEOFROST offers consulting work concerning feasibiltiy of the client’s projects and the suitability of our solutions to solve the challenges.

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What we do
All or part of the following activities are included in our services to the client:

Geotechnical engineering

Geological understanding and geotechnical engineering is the backbone for all of our solutions. The activities range from ground investigations to specification of requirements for geotechnical solutions.

Numerical analyses

Numerical analyses are an integral part of the design and engineering processes.

Design and planning

For every project, the piping is designed and equipment selected. Activities are coordinated and scheduled.

Drilling and installation

Holes are drilled, alignment checked and freezing pipes installed.

Brine freezing

An electrically driven freezing plant connected to a closed piping system is used for brine freezing.

Nitrogen freezing

Nitrogen, the largest gas component in air, is used for freezing in an open piping system. Used gas is let back to the atmosphere.

Frozen soil sampling

Coring of frozen ground is done without thawing or disturbing the samples.

Frozen soil testing

Properties are investigated by testing frozen samples.

Supervision and quality control

All phases are controlled according to the internal quality management system.