Consulting services

We provide services within ground freezing and geotechnics.

Consulting services


Geofrost offers advisory within geotechnics and artificial ground freezing. We support owners, consultants and contractors. Geofrost has long experience and central approval for geotechnical design, verification and execution, grade 3, corresponding to the highest reliability class in EN 1990/Eurocode.

Photo: Railway and highway.
E6-Dovre Line Joint Project, Norway.
Photo: Bane NOR.

Feasibility studies

Geofrost carries out feasibility studies where we assess solutions with artificial ground freezing for our customer's projects. We also do studies assessing issues related to permafrost, seasonal frost, artificial frost or other technical uses of freezing.

Photo: SNØ indoor ski arena.
SNØ indoor ski arena, Oslo.
Photo: SNØ.

Design and engineering

Geofrost covers all design activities within ground freezing, from ground investigations through design and engineering to preparation of documentation and specifications. Geofrost has central approval for geotechnical design, grade 3.

Photo: Geofrost construction pit.
3D-model for design.
Photo: Geofrost.

Numerical analyses

Geofrost carries out computations and multiphysics analyses related to geotechnics and ground freezing. Typical examples are strength and stability analyses, thermal analyses and fluid flow analyses. The analyses are performed for customers as separate analysis assignments, or as part of an engineering assignment.

Photo: Structural numerical analyses for temporary tunnel support.
Numerical analysis for temporary tunnel support.
Photo: Geofrost.

Third-party verification

Geofrost offers third-party verification within geotechnics and artificial ground freezing. Geofrost has central approval for independent verification of geotechnics, grade 3.

Illustration: Hallandsås tunnel, Sweden.
Hallandsås railway tunnel, Sweden.
Illustration: Petter Lönegård.

What we deliver

Geofrost provides geotechnical consulting services and has ground freezing and frost related issues as its special field. We are a total supplier of ground freezing and offer all related services within consulting, design and engineering.

Geofrost is approved by the Norwegian Building Authority for geotechnical design, independent geotechnical verification and execution of road and earth works, grade 3, which corresponds to the highest reliability class in EN 1990/Eurocode.

Where we operate

We offer our services worldwide.


Contact person

Anne-Lise Berggren, Ph.D., M.Sc
Senior specialist geotechnics
(+47) 95 29 29 30


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us. With project info, we quickly provide time estimate and price.

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