Consulting services artificial ground freezing, permafrost and seasonal frost

AGF since 1986
Specialization makes us a leader in the field of artificial ground freezing (AGF). Long experience both as consultant and contractor gives us the right overview to provide the best solutions.
Specialized in AGF since 1986.


Feasibility study

Geofrost delivers feasibility studies where the suitability of using artificial ground freezing to solve the client's tasks are evaluated.


Geofrost has long and wide experience providing valuable advisory services for a large range of geotechnical challanges.

Design and engineering

Geological and geotechnical understanding is the foundation of all of our solutions. The activity can include anything from geotechnical soil investigation to tender specification of AGF solutions.

Numerical analyses

Both thermal and structural numerical analyses are an integral part of the design. We provide both common analyses and tailored mulitphysics studies.

Third party verification

Geofrost performs third-party inspection in geotechnics and artificial ground freezing.

Project management

Geofrost takes the responsibility for leading all activities within design, purchasing, establishment and completion of a frost construction, as well as maintaining the construction as long as needed and then disassemble and clean up.

What we deliver

We are a total supplier of ground freezing and offer all related services within design and construction, as well as ground investigation with undisturbed soil sampling of frictional soils and lab testing. Geofrost is approved for liability under the Norwegian Planning and Building Act, in geotechnical planning in development class three.

Where we operate

We offer our services worldwide.


Contact person

Anne-Lise Berggren, Ph.D., M.Sc
Senior geotechnical specialist
 (+47) 95 29 29 30


With brief overall project info, we quickly provide rates and price estimates on request.