Ground freezing
for water and sewerage
in any ground

Earth support for pits and trenches in any ground
Geofrost ground freezing secures a safe working place without water and soil entering the working area.
Specialized in AGF since 1986.


Any groundcondition

Geofrost excavation support works in all kinds of soil, independently of grain size distribution, permeability and water content, in any mixed soil, such as moraine, glacifluvial soils, peat, land fills and rock of various quality.

Waterproof walls and crossing pipes

The Geofrost walls are 100 % waterproof, providing a tight sealing around crossing pipes through the walls and towards uneven rock surfaces and other materials such as steel, wood, concrete and plastics. There is no wash out of fines resulting in risk for instability or outside sinkholes.

The freeze pipes are placed on each side of crossing pipes making a continous waterproof structure both over and under the crossing pipes. This makes Geofrost excavation support suitable in urban areas with pipes and cables in all directions and may avoid rerouting before and after earth works.

The freeze pipes can be positioned in any drillable angle to obtain the desired geometry. If you can drill, you can freeze.

Efficient excavation without stiffeners

At the bottom, the Geofrost walls are usually fixed in the rock, or inclined towards each other, avoiding anchors and stiffeners, meaning the temporary support is finished when excavation starts. This avoids interruptions in the excavation, providing high utilization of the machines. It also makes the piping works easier and more efficient.

Good environmental alternative

Noise and vibrations are limited to the drilling for the freeze pipes. The ground itself is the construction material and electricity is used for the freezing. The Geofrost support does not leave any chemical in the ground.


We provide design and engineering, including required documentation. This also applies for complicated geometries and walls with pipes or cables crossing through. Deep trenches, with waterproof bottom without anchoring, is designed against buoyancy uplift by sufficient deadweight in the frozen construction together with the unexcavated material in the bottom.


The Geofrost earth support follows the trench as easily in turns and angles as in straight legs and is particularly suitable in places with groundwater challenges. The freezing pipes can be inclined, forming a V-shaped trench with waterproof bottom.

Besides the waterproof support simplifies piping works in the trench due to dry and obstacle free working environment, the Geofrost ground freezing also protects the surrondings against settlements and sink holes.


To connect new pipes to existing main pipes deeper down or to make a deeper manhole, Geofrost trench and manhole support is well suited.

We provide waterproof shaft around the deep excavation, with watertight connection to existing main pipes, manholes or other structures.


To connect new pipes to existing ones below the groundwater table in permeable ground, drilling into shaft or manhole with the Geofrost method makes the job easy.

We provide solutions where the whole shaft is freeze stabilized or where the freezing only provides sealing between installed pipes and existing sewerage, as well as on the outside of installed pipes where the drilling enter.

We deliver flexible Geofrost blocks for entering by horizontal drilling, for directly drilling in, or drill in, freeze and connect, depending on task to be solved.

What we deliver

We are a total provider of temporary earth support for trenches and manholes by ground freezing and offer all related services within design and contracting. We also execute ground investigations and lab tests if needed.

Where we operate

We provide our water and sewarage services all over Europe.


Contact person

Anne-Lise Berggren, Ph.D., M.Sc
Senior specialist geotechnics
 (+47) 95 29 29 30


We provide quick price estimates on request.