Trenches and manholes

Waterproof earth support for trench and manhole in any kind of ground conditon.

Contracting services


Geofrost provides waterproof trench support which follows the alignment as easily in turns and bends as in straight sections. The trench support is particularly suitable in places with ground water challenges.

The freezing pipes are installed vertically, with or without bottom, or at an inclined angle forming a V-shaped trench with a waterproof bottom.

The waterproof earth support avoids settlements and sinkholes in the surroundings and simplifies the works in the trench by providing dry conditions without obstacles. The freezing pipes are easily drilled in between obstacles like tracks and elements in the ground. Pipes and cables crossing the trench will be enclosed completely by the walls, giving a waterproof result.


Geofrost provides waterproof temporary support for installation of manhole or culvert below groundwater level.

The manhole could be part of a larger installation with trenches or be a single connection to an existing main line. Since the Geofrost walls enclose existing pipes, waterproof pits can be made for installation and execution of connection works.


We provide solutions where the whole shaft is freeze stabilized or where the freezing only provides sealing between installed pipes and existing sewerage, as well as on the outside of installed pipes where the tapping will take place.

We also deliver frozen blocks for tapping by horizontal drilling, for directly drilling in, or drill in, freeze and connect, depending on conditions and task to be solved.


Any ground conditions

Geofrost excavation support works in all kinds of soil, independently of grain size distribution, permeability and water content, in any mixed soil, such as moraine, glacifluvial soils, peat, landfills, and rock of various quality.

Waterproof walls and crossing pipes

The Geofrost walls are 100 % waterproof, providing a tight sealing around crossing pipes through the walls and towards uneven rock surfaces and other materials such as steel, wood, concrete, and plastics. There is no wash out of fines resulting in risk for instability or outside sinkholes.

The freeze pipes are placed on each side of crossing pipes, making a continuous waterproof enclosing structure around the pipes. This makes Geofrost excavation support suitable in urban areas with many pipes and cables in several directions.


The freezing pipes can be installed in any angle such that the desired shape is formed. The Geofrost walls can be made with or without stiffeners or trench boxes.

What we deliver

We are a total provider of temporary earth support for trenches and manholes by ground freezing and offer all related services within consulting and contracting.

Consulting services

  • Project management
  • Design and engineering
  • Numerical analyses
  • Design report, drawings, and specifications

Contracting services

  • Planning and procurement
  • Site management
  • Drilling and surveying
  • Pipe installation
  • Plant and equipment for brine and nitrogen freezing
  • Instrumentation
  • Monitoring
  • Excavation

Where we operate

We provide our services all over Europe.


Contact person

Anne-Lise Berggren, Ph.D., M.Sc
Senior specialist geotechnics
 (+47) 95 29 29 30


If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us. With project info, we quickly provide price estimates.

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