Environmental remediation

Waterproof barrier between clean and contaminated ground.

Contracting services

Groundwater barrier

Geofrost delivers groundwater barriers to cut off contamination in the ground and prevent spreading in the groundwater.

The groundwater barriers become completely waterproof regardless type of ground condition and are therfore very reliable and efficient sealing between different aquifers. The barriers have flexible shape and can be installed between pipes, cables and other obstacles and toward other construction elements in the ground.

Very toxic soils can be frozen and excavated in frozen condition to prevent evaporation.

Freeze dredging

Geofrost offers freeze dredging for removal of contaminated sediments in the water. The contaminated sediment layer is frozen and brought up as frozen blocks with minimal spreading of contamination in and outside the water. The method provides good control of sediment thickness which is removed and minimizes water volume to be cleaned and contaminated soils to be deposited.

Contaminated sediments can beneficially be transported in frozen condition to avoid spilling of contaminated water and evaporation of toxic constituents before cleaning or deposition.



Frost has the property of extending through any kind of ground condition and material, and therefore extend around any bodies, completely sealing towards uneven surfaces and around crossing pipes and cables and give a reliable result each time.

Minimal spreading

Contaminated soils which are frozen get incapsulated and will not spread in water or air. This provides safer handling and ensures minimal spreading.

Minimal volume

By isolating the contaminated soils, the volumes to clean and deposit are minimized.

What we deliver

We design and execute ground freezing for environmental remediation and provide all related consulting and contracting services.


  • Project management
  • Design and engineering
  • Numerical analyses
  • Design report, drawings and specifications.


  • Planning and procurement
  • Site management
  • Installation
  • Plant and equipment for brine and nitrogen freezing
  • Instrumentation
  • Monitoring
  • Excavation/lifting
  • Transportation

Where we operate

We offer our services worldwide.


Contact person

Anne-Lise Berggren, Ph.D., M.Sc
Senior specialist geotechnics
 (+47) 95 29 29 30


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