Ground freezing for environmental protection and remediation

Waterproof barrier between clean and contaminated ground
Protect vulnerable areas and limit the spread of contamination by applying Geofrost barrier that provides tight connection to all construction materials and penetrates any ground.
Specialized in AGF since 1986.


Reliable groundwater barrier

Frost has the property of extending through any kind of ground condition and material, and therefore extend around any bodies, completely sealing towards uneven surfaces and around crossing pipes and cables. Either the purpose is to contain contamination or protect an area against surronding contamination, ground freezing is a good alternative.

Encapsulates contamination

The frost extends through all materials independently of permeability, so that contamination in both solid and liquid phase is encapsulated in place, making removal safer and easier.

Good for the climate

Geofrost ground freezing has low CO2 emissions. No toxic substances, or other chemicals for that matter, are left in the ground. There is little noise, dust and vibrations.


Groundwater barrier

The frost's ability to extend and attach to any material ensures the Geofrost barrier becomes completely waterproof, sealing around objects and obstacles in the ground and towards any existing constructions.

Geofrost ground freezing ensures temporary protection or containment of water or liquid in the ground and is an efficient sealing between different aquifers.

Isolate contamination source

Contamination in the ground often needs to be handled and cleaned up, either it got there by a recent accident or was caused by old practice and habit.

Geofrost encapsulates the contaminated volume for removal and transportation and avoids groundwater to enter the pit with potential spreading and additional water cleaning, keeping the contaminated volume to a minimum.

Geofrost isolates the contamination so it cannot spread to nearby waterways or other vulnerable areas.

Sealing beneath land fill

Many older land fills have problems with unclear seepage which is difficult to collect and clean in a responsible manner.

With directional drilling, freeze pipes are installed under existing landfill to waterproof and seal the bottom, stopping the pollution leaking out.

If not done for temporary purposes, a permanent system can be built utilizing the heat pulled out from the ground as a heat pump. The heat can be included in district heating.

Protect vulnerable area

Vulnerable groundwater reservoirs or waterways can be protected against nearby pollution by Geofrost barrier. Freeze pipes are installed in between roots and cables, sealing around such objects, to avoid leakage.

Vulnerable nature can also be protected under a temporary construction road by freezing underneath before laying it out. Transported masses can be heavily reduced since the upholding layer completely or partly can be replaced by the frozen ground.

Freeze dredging

The waterways have transported pollution from earlier time's industrialization and brought it to lakes and fjords near the river outlets. Together with pollution from the sea, it is often present as a layer with varying thickness in or over the bottom sediments.

Freeze dredging plate getting lowered.
Freeze dredging is a technic for gentle encapsulation and removal of contaminated sediments. Det contaminated layer, often with toxic substances, is frozen in blocks which are lifted with minimal spread in and outside the water. The method gives good control of the sediment thickness removed and eliminates the water volume that would otherwise have to be cleaned.

Transportation of material

Contaminated sediments can beneficially be transported in frozen condition to avoid spilling of contaminated water and evaporation of toxic constituents before cleaning or deposition.

What we deliver

We design and execute the ground freezing and all related works for environmental measures. We also do ground investigations and lab testing when needed.


  • Project management
  • Soil sampling
  • Lab testing
  • Design and engineering
  • Numerical analyses
  • Design report, drawings and specifications.


  • Planning and procurement
  • Site management
  • Drilling and surveying
  • Pipe installation
  • Plant and equpment for brine and nitrogen freezing
  • Instrumentation
  • Monitoring
  • Excavation/lifting
  • Transportation

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