Specialized in ground freezing.

Engineering and contracting services


  • Geotechnical consulting, feasibility studies, project management
  • Design, engineering, documentation, third party verification
  • For client, consultant, and contractor
  • Separate assignment or part of total delivery

Soil and rock investigation

  • Precise information about ground conditions
  • Undisturbed sampling of silt, sand, gravel, talus, boulder, moraine, fissure filling
  • Lab testing of undisturbed samples in unfrozen condition
  • Lab testing of undisturbed samples in frozen condition

Retaining walls and ground water control

  • Construction pit, retaining wall, underpinning
  • Stabilization, waterproofing and ground water control
  • Clay, silt, sand, gravel, boulder, moraine, weathered rock, default
  • Efficient continuous excavation without anchoring or stiffening

Shaft sinking and tunnel construction

  • Shaft, soil tunnel, rock access, weakness zone, lack of rock overburden
  • Drill and blast, TBM, road header, excavator
  • Stabilization, waterproofing, ground water control
  • Excavation with full cross section in soil and bad ground conditions

Environmental protection and remediation

  • Ground water barrier, contamination barriers for landfill and source
  • Encapsulation and removal of contaminated sediments from lakes and harbor basins
  • Onshore ground and offshore sediments
  • Good control and minimal spreading

Water and sewerage

  • Waterproof trench support without stiffeners
  • Waterproof enclosing around pipes and cables
  • Stable trench walls down to significant depths
  • Stabilization and documentation according to regulations

Plugging water filled tunnel

  • Temporary plug for water tunnels and hydro power intakes
  • From surface through the ground or in through the water
  • Robust water proofing and flexible geometry
  • Efficient shut down and easy removal provides minimal down time