Tunneling & Construction in Wet Ground
GEOFROST is a specialized geotechnical contractor providing solutions based on ground freezing technology. The clients are found within infrastructure, civil works, hydro power and mining. The focus is on wet ground challenges. The main office is located in the city center of Oslo and the workshop is outside the city, close to harbour. The company manages a fleet of containerized equipment that can be mobilized worldwide.


We know many problems can be solved beneficially by ground freezing technology. We are here to do it safely and reliably.


We will be a key contributor and enabler of beneficial solutions in challenging ground conditions.


Be the most value adding subcontractor to our clients in the tunneling and construction industry.

Our core values


Safety is top priority. It is something we never compromise on. It is crucial to ourselves, our clients and the surroundings. We will have no accidents.


We care about our environment. We actively seek solutions fostering sustainability and having the best environmental impact.


We care about each other. We contribute to a good working environment and are a conscious part of the society, following applicable rules and regulations.


We encourage honest and clear communication, with respect and tolerance. Clearness affects safety and efficiency.


We are committed to teamwork and good cooperation. It is key to efficient project execution.


We are committed to be in the forefront within our key competence areas. Both safety and value added to our clients depend on it.